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How we are responding to Covid currently.  If you answer yes to first two questions, please postpone your visit with us. It is not mandatory to wear a mask at the studio. We are still taking extra precations in wiping down all studio equipment between each class.

  1. Have you been in contact with anyone that has symptoms or has had positive test in past 4 weeks?
  2. Do you have any symptoms, now or in past 4 weeks (Loss of smell, appetite, coughing, difficulty breathing, fever)?
  3.  Do you understand you are practicing at your own risk and take responsibility for any progression of symptoms or actual contracture of COVID-19, releasing Ybor Restore Yoga and More, LLC , owner Justin Rockett, and all Teachers.

Up and Coming Workshops


Dec 3   1-2:30pm
Conscious Movement:
Somatic Techniques for Well Being


Somatic: Regarding the embodiment of the self, and includes not only attention to the musculoskeletal system, but to our thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

Does your body feel worn out, imbalanced, or neglected? Do you feel as if you are moving through your day outside of your body? Are you curious to learn about your body’s habits and how they can better serve you?

This 90 min workshop will give you the tools you need to listen to and engage with your body in a loving and holistic way. Rediscover movement as joyful, restorative, and expressive. You will learn somatic methods to restore balance and efficient movement patterns within your body that will leave you feeling centered and energized. Perfect for teachers and practitioners of all forms of movement – yoga, dance, Pilates, theater, martial arts.

Cost: $40


Instructor: Leanne Rinelli (MFA SUNY Brockport) is a dance artist and movement educator. She holds certifications in Pilates and yoga and is a Franklin Method Pelvic Fascia trainer. Ms. Rinelli has been on the dance faculty at Buffalo State College, the University of Texas at El Paso, and is currently at the University of Tampa. She has performed with Dayton Contemporary Dance Company II (Dayton, OH), Janet Reed and Dancers (Buffalo, NY), the Bill Evans Dance Company (Rochester, NY), KDiehl Danceworks (Rochester, NY), and STEAMROLLER Dance Company (San Francisco). She was the co-director of Rochester Dance Project and El Paso’s Mountain Movement Dance Company. Ms. Rinelli’s research in somatic movement/dance is driven by the principle that moving our bodies expressively creates positive changes in our attitudes towards ourselve


Cost $40 Limited to 18 persons. Go to workshops of this website to sign up or click on HERE



Dec 18th  2-5:30pm
Women’s Healing Circle
Coming home to the heart:
Understanding & Practicing Resilience


What makes us resilient? How do we develop resilience?

Resilience makes a difference in the way in which we live our lives. It isn’t only what we do, it’s the way that we’re being called forward to do it. By coming home to the heart, it allows to connect with what we are being called to do.

Join Justin Rockett and Angela Devlen for an interactive, facilitated workshop combined with a restorative yoga practice. Together, we will explore how love, empathy, and compassion, for ourselves and others is a pathway to healing and resilience.

Topics We Will Explore + Practice

Role of self-awareness in developing resilience
Understanding emotional dysregulation and how to reset
Creating sacred spaces
Restorative yoga practice
Discuss strategies for building resilience

This class is for you if:

-If you want a path to building joyous resilience that also provides important first steps toward collective healing.

-If you have been feeling stuck in your grief, or have been overwhelmed with anger, fear, sadness, or feelings of irritability.

-If you have been feeling lonely or if you have lost track of what matters to you.

-If you want to rest and connect with your body in a way that supports your nervous system so you can make connection to yourself and others that feels supportive and pleasurable.

-If you are looking to connect with other women who might be on the same path as you.

Please bring yoga mat, comfortable clothes, journal. Cost $50

Refund Policy There is a required RSVP and pay ahead of time. Class limited to 12 women. There is a required minimum of 4 people. In case of class cancelation, paid participants will be refunded 100% or can choose to use payment for January Meet up Class. Participants can cancel within 24 period and get 100% refund, (before or up to  Dec 17th 2pm.) There are no refunds after 24 hours prior to start date and time for any cancellations.

About Justin Rockett

Justin began his yoga journey as a way to help with anxiety and to reconnect with a love for movement that was rooted in him as child through dance and gymnastics. Justin completed his training in the Prana Flow System with Micheline Berry and has completed Restorative teacher trainings with Lizzy Lasseter. Justin is a Licensed Physical Therapist and Licensed Massage Therapist. He uses modalites of Somatic Embodiment, Holotropic Breathwork, and Sound Therapy to assist others in connecting with their body as a means for gaining greater capacity for self-awareness and radical acceptance. He is well known for teaching from the heart and delivering a class that is supportive, therapeutic, and energizing.

About Angela Devlen

Angela is a multi-passionate entrepreneur known as an advocate for humanitarian, health care and women’s issues. She has established several grassroots micro-enterprises, non-profits, and for-profit companies. She has responded to several disasters across the US and internationally. Her book on resilience will be released in September 2023. To learn more visit

Cost $50
To sign up click here… Signup



Our Mission

It is our deepest desire at Ybor Restore Yoga to celebrate diversity with an all inclusive space and to make yoga accessible for all ages, body types and experiences. As a community, we thrive in assisting those wanting to slow down, go within, and expand their container of knowledge with the fascinating mind body connection. The instructors at Ybor Restore Yoga maintain the highest level of personal practice, study, and integrity on and off the mat. Here at Ybor Restore yoga, we focus on therapeutic yoga classes which are alignment based and are designed for you to have a safe rejuvenating experience while feeling a greater connection to your body and spirit. 

Our Message

Dear Beloved,
Celebrate your uniqueness. Don’t waste your purpose by looking at others and comparing yourself. Tap into who you are, what you love, and stay steadfast and focused on bringing that into your life. We don’t need you playing small. The world needs the truest version of you so that you can bring your purpose into the world and positively impact the lives of others in the process. Remember – you are uniquely made. You are special. You are one of a kind. Your life, your thoughts, your beliefs, your history and your purpose will never happen again.

New VIP 90 Min Monthly Massage/Unlimited Yoga Membership! ($195 w/autorenewal)

*Cancel Anytime

*Unused massages roll over with limit to 3 massages/month

*Required 24 hr cancellation for massage or session charged

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