How we are responding to Covid currently.  If you answer yes to first two questions, please postpone your visit with us. It is not mandatory to wear a mask at the studio. We are still taking extra precations in wiping down all studio equipment between each class.

  1. Have you been in contact with anyone that has symptoms or has had positive test in past 4 weeks?
  2. Do you have any symptoms, now or in past 4 weeks (Loss of smell, appetite, coughing, difficulty breathing, fever)?
  3.  Do you understand you are practicing at your own risk and take responsibility for any progression of symptoms or actual contracture of COVID-19, releasing Ybor Restore Yoga and More, LLC , owner Justin Rockett, and all Teachers.


Upcoming Workshops and what’s New at Ybor Restore!


Free Movie Night on the Big Screen & Mini Sound Bath

May 12 7 -915pm


Yes! It’s FREE and Mother’s Day. Bring your Mother or use this time to recuperate after your time with her. There is a RSVP required as space limited to 16 people. Sign up HERE


Yin/Restorative with Audio Beat Headphones

Ready to have an immersive transformational experience in your Thursday Yin Restorative class with Heather? We are always trying to upgrade your experience at Ybor Restore Yoga. We now have top of the line noise reduction HIFI headphones connected to our microphoned yoga teacher. This option will allow you to sink deeper into a meditative state as most solfeggio and binaural beat music requires a headset to get true benefit of two frequencies merging together. You will have control of your own volume and choice to not use headphones and practice with no music and only verbal cues for guidance. 

Mind Body Spirit Activation Session
with Justin Rockett

Space Rental Availability

5 hrs +1 hr pre set up= 6 hr. 800 sq ft. Rental With use of all props (bolsters, blankets, belts, sand bags), blue tooth speaker, full length wall mirror, and industrial refrigerator. Parking is Free. Use for gatherings, workshops, photo shoots, or multiple private clients. Shoes are not allowed on yoga floor. Studio’s Sound healing instruments are not available for use.. Price $250

Contact Justin for renting 813 846~8819


Our Mission

It is our deepest desire at Ybor Restore Yoga to celebrate diversity with an all inclusive space and to make yoga accessible for all ages, body types and experiences. As a community, we thrive in assisting those wanting to slow down, go within, and expand their container of knowledge with the fascinating mind body connection. The instructors at Ybor Restore Yoga maintain the highest level of personal practice, study, and integrity on and off the mat. Here at Ybor Restore yoga, we focus on therapeutic yoga classes which are alignment based and are designed for you to have a safe rejuvenating experience while feeling a greater connection to your body and spirit. 

Our Message

Dear Beloved,
Celebrate your uniqueness. Don’t waste your purpose by looking at others and comparing yourself. Tap into who you are, what you love, and stay steadfast and focused on bringing that into your life. We don’t need you playing small. The world needs the truest version of you so that you can bring your purpose into the world and positively impact the lives of others in the process. Remember – you are uniquely made. You are special. You are one of a kind. Your life, your thoughts, your beliefs, your history and your purpose will never happen again.

New VIP 90 Min Monthly Massage/Unlimited Yoga Membership! ($195 w/autorenewal)

*Cancel Anytime

*Unused massages roll over with limit to 3 massages/month

*Required 24 hr cancellation for massage or session charged

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