First Timers

New clients: Please arrive 15 minutes early to ensure the best experience. Yoga mat rentals are available!

Late Policy

Late arrivals are disruptive to class: Students will not be granted entrance regardless of the circumstances. If you need to leave early, please advise your instructor at the beginning of class. There is a designated FREE PARKING LOT on 7th avenue in the brown picket fence. There is also free parking street side on Henderson and Mitchelle Street. The official address is 1722 N. Nebraska Ave Tampa, FL 33602.

Please arrive 15-20 minutes early so you have plenty of time to settle in and register if you have not already completed log in information and consent form. It is recommended that you sign up online and e sign consent form online prior for expediting registration. If you are under 18 you must have a parent signature on your registration form.

Find all the information you need here to prepare you for a healing practice and an experience that will change your life . . . Congratulations and we look forward to seeing you soon! You don’t need any yoga experience and you don’t have to be in shape or flexible to take your first class. You will quickly feel right at home in our friendly and comfortable studio.

What Do I Bring?

A yoga mat and a hand towel. If you don’t have a yoga mat, we have them for rent and sale. We also sell yoga clothing, water and coconut water. 

What Do I Wear?

Dress in comfortable clothes that are breathable. For Restorative classes, bring long sleeve shirt or your own fuzzy blanket as your body temperature usually decreases when activating Parasympathetic Nervous System. We have plenty of Yoga Mexican blankets, but most of them are used for bolstering as props.

Take a moment to read the etiquette page to ensure that you and the people around you will feel comfortable in the yoga room.