Yoga Etiquette

First Time to Studio

Plan on arriving early to settle in. There is a designated free parking lot on 7th avenue in the brown picket fence. There is also free parking street side on Henderson and Mitchelle Street. Massage and Private Yoga sessions are only available by calling individual teachers. For teacher contacts click here.


All classes are available to schedule online. For the Great Yoga Wall classes, there are only 15 wall stations so it is highly recommended to book prior. Arrive inside studio space on time, late arrivals will not be permitted in.   Please mention any pre- existing injuries to the teacher so they can guide you as needed during class.  Omit having a full stomach prior to class as this will allow you and your fellow students to have a more pleasurable experience. Please do not come to class with heavy perfumes or colognes as many students are allergic to synthetic smells, and YES you are allowed to where deodorant! Please keep chatter down to a minimum when waiting for class to begin. Your experience to bliss begins as soon as you walk in our community sanctuary.


Your personal belongings will be safe in the lobby. Please leave your phone turned off with your personal belongings. We are here to tune into our internal self and unplug from all other stimulation. Please also turn off ringers on blue tooth watches. Food and open containers are not allowed on yoga floor. Liquids permitted on floor are only water and coconut water. Sivasana is the most important posture of the whole class. Good Ole’ Ganesh says, “ Enlightened yogis practice Sivasana!”  So, enjoy the ride and rest gently. Lastly, do not compare yourself to the teacher or other students. You are different and unique with every breath you take. Allow yourself to honor, however you show up on your mat each and every time. That is our practice.


Please keep your voice volume down to a minimum to savor the after soul glow. Nourish yourself with plenty of electrolytes. We do not have shower facilities at the studio so please plan after activities accordingly. All teachers welcome feedback on how they can assist in improving your experience.