The Great Yoga Wall™

Yoga Wall History

Based on the principles of alignment, ‘the wall’ is used as a prop to deepen yoga postures by opening and creating space in the body using therapeutic techniques. (Inversions in our advanced classes). The original “Yoga Wall” took on the form of ropes attached to wall hooks, designed by B.S. Iyengar. Overtime, the Yoga Wall has been modernized for greater comfort with the use of a new system of comfortable harnesses, supportive bars, and adjustable straps to accommodate all body-types. The Great Yoga Wall™ was invented in the early 1980’s, by Kedric Wolfe; he knew there had to be a “better way” to use the wall, with simple versatility. The wall can be used for a beginner that needs extra support for balance or by an advanced yogi who wants to use gravity to deepen their experience. Students with injuries or limitations may find that the Yoga Wall provides additional support as well as freedom in the joints and muscles, allowing for some relief.

Benefits of the Great Yoga Wall

• Allows standing postures, forward and back bends, twists and inversions.
• Can help improve overall flexibility and mobility in the joints and spine
• Builds strength in both the large muscle groups and the core.
• Creates ease in facilitating proper alignment for optimal spinal stability
• Aides in the ability to access various muscle groups in poses they are not yet able to achieve on the mat without support.
• Allows for safe progression of postures from the wall to yoga mat dissolving fear and building confidence.
• Reduces or eliminates back pain.
• Provides gentle spinal traction.
• Increases body awareness.
• Improves circulation and lymphatic flushing.
• Connects back to your inner child facilitating playfulness.

Ybor Restore Yoga is the only Yoga Studio in Tampa to feature a 15 station, professional quality Great Yoga Wall™. All Great Yoga Wall™ classes are limited to 15 students. It is advised to sign up and book ahead online to RSVP your spot. For classes marked as Advanced yoga wall classes, students are required to have a 1 year yoga asana practice to attend for safety of the student.

The best way to benefit from the Great Yoga Wall™ is a one-on-one session with a Yoga Private or join a small group series class (6 week long) limited to 8 students for more hands-on alignment cues. Click here to sign up for a series. Please call Justin Rockett to book Yoga Private. 813-846-8819.